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23/01/09, 05:20 pm by Terminator

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28/12/08, 01:38 pm by Radioactive89

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16/12/08, 11:59 am by MEDVEDqxXxq

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24/10/08, 08:08 am by datakill

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01/10/08, 07:08 pm by datakill

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01/10/08, 05:31 am by sid51

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24/09/08, 04:28 pm by sid51

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19/09/08, 01:13 pm by datakill

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10/09/08, 06:02 pm by Toni4

» Winter lake island feedback
30/08/08, 03:57 pm by datakill

» ArmA 2 screenshots...feels like you've played it before ?
10/08/08, 06:19 pm by muslimresistance91

Winter pack work in progress
19/09/08, 01:02 pm by datakill
Back from vacations on a new project, here is the first screenshots, still in beta test (version 1)

-Winter islands
-Winter spetsnaz
-SVDS sniper gun (2 camo versions)

Also working on fixing the bugs from CWM pack 1. BMD wheels problem has been fixed and the desert model will be replaced by a winter camo.

The server is back online with a CWM + RHS Hind version of …

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ArmA 2 screenshots...feels like you've played it before ?
08/07/08, 07:21 pm by datakill

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CWM mission pack - 3 coops missions
10/06/08, 05:35 pm by datakill
Travinsky released on our forum 3 missions for CWMod

-CWM(coop10) Pita_raiders (Sahrani)
-CWM(coop15) TVsetHQ (Sahrani)
-CWM(coop10) OMON#1 (Sahrani)

They are already added on our server and you can download this pack of missions here

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CWM Pack 1.0 Release
11/05/08, 05:42 pm by datakill

The CWM team is proud to release our first addon pack based on Chechnya war. We chose to release first Russian units with their equipment and vehicles.

----------------------------Download Links---------------------------;10188632;/fileinfo.html

The mod contains:

UI modification (optional)

MVD troops in woodland reed camo
MVD troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD OMON troops in urban/snow blue reed camo
MVD Sniper in KLMK camo
MVD troops in mixed Kamysh woodland and urban tiger camo

Russian MI17 MG
Russian MI17 FFAR
Russian Kamov

BMD-1 (green and …

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Video trailer by MODUL (OTK)
10/05/08, 12:05 pm by datakill
Here is a trailer made for CWM by MODUL from OTK Studio

Big thanks to him cheers

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The last series of screenshots before the release (updated)
05/05/08, 02:22 am by datakill

These screenshots will be the last series before the first 1.0 release. We have no exact release date at this time but for sure it will be before the end of this month (May)

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Kamov sound updated by DEV
25/04/08, 04:04 pm by datakill
Kamov 50 engine sound updated. Small modifications still to do but generally completed.
Lots of other sounds in the works and will be presented soon.

Alex "Dev"

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Beta 4 screenshots
21/04/08, 05:43 pm by datakill

More to come soon

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CWM Wallpapers & server news
12/03/08, 01:25 pm by datakill
Here are 4 wallpapers from CWM. They are made for wide screens (16/10)

Click on the thumbnail, wait for the complete picture to be loaded (maybe you need to click on the big picture to resize it, then right-click on it and choose "Save the picture as"

It's a pleasure to see more and more members of the CWM forum coming on our server to play with us.
We mostly play "Domination - East" at this moment with different versions.
One of these really interesting versions is played with the RHS weapons and units pack (Downloadable here :

Today, I have added "CWM Domination" on the …

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New screenshots
10/03/08, 12:33 pm by datakill
Taken from the beta 1 version

More to come today........

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Monthly report
03/03/08, 02:22 pm by datakill
Hi all.

It's been a while since we gave some news or screenshots, so here are the latest ones:

-We are all working hard and some new dev team members joined us to give a hand.
Guys like Tobias Rieper and Ripperbat are doing some great job for the mod as modelers.
This way, the units are almost completly reworked and we decided to make some changes in the first pack that will be released.

The first pack should include :

- A weapons pack:
# AKS 74 from BIS original weapon : will come in gp25, silenced, PSO scope and 1P29 sight
# VSS Vintorez
# SVD with wooden grip and synthetic grip + camo version
# Bizon come in silenced, non silenced
...and more

- The MVD units (in urban and woodland reed camo with M22 assault vest)
- The Chechen rebels
- KA50, MI17 (transport and rocket version), BTR80 reskined.

The winter pack will be released later in a separated …

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Febuary screenshots - WIP units and weapons
05/02/08, 12:28 pm by datakill

We are now working on a new "gorod" camo MVD unit and an updated weapon pack (the whole list will be posted soon).

The snow camo units are also updated for a new "baggy-like" oversuit.

These should be the last major changes before the first release. Now time to chase bugs and build the units structure (.cpp).

Any infos about the MVD typical group structure are

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Kamov 50 Black Shark
30/01/08, 07:14 am by Dev
I started to work some time ago on a Black Shark skin. Most images i see from a black shark is that they are only pure black and not with shark teeth painted. But anyway i have both skins - black and black with teeth. Im sorry for this heavy photo shopped image - but i had nothing to do and played around Very Happy and i have no other recent image of it. But you get the idea. Its not finished yet. I have some more fine trimming to do. But now you know that we have a black shark for the CWM mod.

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The CWM sound mod - KA50 Engine
29/01/08, 07:16 pm by Dev
Here is a little preview on the KA50 engine sound. Im working hard to make all sounds as realistic as possible because thats how the rest of our mod is done. Very Happy More sounds are done and i will post them in a video later. Please compare it to the real one Wink

Enjoy - KAMOV 50 flyby.


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Updated screenshots
25/01/08, 12:07 pm by datakill
As some websites showing our work are using outdated screenshots, here are the latest ones. Wink

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